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"There was only one singer who influenced me. I tried to sing like her all the time,
because everything she did made sense musically, and that singer was Connie Boswell.
When I was a girl, I listened to records by all the singers, white and black, and I know
that Connie was doing things that no one else was doing at the time. You don't have to
take my word for it; just check the recordings made at the time and hear for yourself."
                                                  --Ella Fitzgerald


2/15/37 Connee Boswell with Ben Pollack and his Orchestra, Los Angeles
When The Poppies Bloom Again Decca 1161
DLA691-A Serenade In The Night Decca 1160, later re-released on Decca 3502b (A-171)
DLA692 Where Are You? 3:19 Decca 1160, [M&R]
DLA693-A Trust In Me (Ager-Schwartz-Wever) 2:57 Decca 1161, [TCTTS], [M&R]

8/23/37 Connee Boswell with Ben Pollack And His Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA848-A That Old Feeling (Fain-Brown) 2:52 Decca 1420, [IY], [H&S], [R]
DLA850-A Afraid To Dream 3:00 Decca 1421, [M&R]
DLA849 The Loveliness Of You Decca 1421
DLA851-A Yours And Mine Decca 1433

8/26/37 Connee Boswell and the Ben Pollack Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA852 Song Of The Islands Decca 1424
DLA853-A Blossoms On Broadway Decca 1434
DLA854-A Love Or Infatuation Decca 1434

8/31/37 Connee Boswell with Ben Pollack and his Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA857-A Whispers In The Dark Decca 1420
DLA867-A Am I In Love? Decca 1433

9/25/37 Bing Crosby and Connee Boswell with John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA971-A Basin Street Blues (Williams) 2:56 Decca 1483, [H&S], [R]
DLA972-A Bob White (Mercer-Hanighen) 2:37 Decca 1483, [H&S]

11/12/37 Connee Boswell with John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA1054 True Confession (Hollander-Coslow) 2:58 Decca 1559, [TCTTS]
DLA1055-A Ebb Tide Decca 1559, [DD]
DLA1056-A Outside Of Paradise Decca 1568
DLA1057 You Took The Words Right Out Of My Heart Decca 1568

11/13/37 Connee Boswell with Bob Crosby and his Bobcats: Yank Lawson, t; Warren Smith, tb; Matty Matlock, cl; Eddie Miller, ts; Bob Zurke, p; Nappy Lamare, g; Bob Haggart, b; Ray Bauduc, d., Los Angeles
DLA1066-A Ah! So Pure (Martha) (Flotow) 3:03 Decca 1600, Decca 25283, [DD]
DLA1067 Home On The Range Decca 1600, Decca 25283
DLA1068-A Gypsy Love Song (Herbert-Smith) 2:51 Decca 1678, [DD], [R]

11/16/37 Connee Boswell with Bob Crosby, Los Angeles
DLA1086-A Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life Decca 1678, [DD]

1/26/38 Bing Crosby & Connee Boswell with Victor Young Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA1152-A Alexander's Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin) Decca 1887a, Decca 25495
DLA1153 Home On The Range / True Confession Decca 1887b

4/9/38 Connee Boswell with Ben Pollack and his Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA1202 Fare Thee Honey, Fare Thee Well Decca 1862b
DLA1203-A Mister Freddie Blues (Shayne) 2:57 Decca 1862a, [TCTTS]

4/16/38 Connee Boswell with Harry Sosnik and his Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA1221 Sweet Sue, Just You 2:50 (Young-Harris) Decca 1885a, [M&R](credits Victor Young Orch.)
DLA1222 Moonlight And Roses Decca 1885b 3:01 [M&R]
DLA1223 All Alone (Berlin) 2:56 Decca 1889a, [TCTTS], [M&R]
DLA1224-A Remember? (You Forgot To Remember) (I.Berlin) 3:00 Decca 1889b, [H&S], [TCTTS], [R]
DLA1225 I'm Away From It All 3:10 Decca 1805b, [M&R]
DLA1226 I'm Glad For Your Sake Decca 1805a

6/15/38 Connee Boswell with Ray Sinatra and his Orchestra
63993-A I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (Ellington-Mills-Nemo) 3:09 Decca 1896a, [H&S], [R]
63992 I Hadn't Anyone Till You (Noble) 3:03 Decca 1896b, [TCTTS]
63995 You Leave Me Breathless Decca 1897a
63994 If It Rains, Who Cares? (Burke-Leslie) 3:07 Decca 1897b, [TCTTS]

9/6/38 Connee Boswell with Ray Sinatra and his Orchestra
64600 Simple And Sweet (Green-Baer) 2:59 Decca 2028a, [TCTTS]
64602-A Heart And Soul (Carmichael-Loesser) 3:03 Decca 2028b [H&S], [R]
64601 There's Something About An Old Love Decca 2055a
64603 Summer Souvenirs Decca 2055b

1/10/39 Connee Boswell with Woody Herman and his Orchestra: Clarence Willard, Jerry Neary, t; Joe Bishop, flh; Neal Reid, tb; Woody Herman, cl; Joe Estren, Ray Hopfner, as; Saxie Mansfield, Pete Johns, ts; Tommy Linehan, p; Hy White, g; Walter Yoder, b; Frank Carlson, d.
64878 The Umbrella Man Decca 2258a
64879 They Say Decca 2258b
64877 Thanks For Everything Decca 2259a, [DD]
64880 Deep In A Dream (Van Heusen-De Lange) 2:53 Decca 2259b, [H&S], [DD], [R]

1/18/39 Connee Boswell
64906 You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven Decca 2264a
64903 When Christmas Is Gone Decca 2264b
64905 Silver Threads Among The Gold Decca 2403a
64904 Memory Lane Decca 2403b

4/25/39 Connee Boswell with Ray Sinatra and his Orchestra
65456-A Sunrise Serenade (Carle-Lawrence) 2:36 Decca 2450a, [H&S], [TCTTS]
65459-A You Grow Sweeter As The Years Go By (Mercer) Decca 2450b, [H&S]
65458 Wishing Will Make It So Decca 2463a
65457 You've Got Me Crying Again Decca 2463b

6/22/39 Bing Crosby and Connee Boswell with the John Scott Trotter Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA1781 Start The Day Right (Tobias-Lewis-Spitalny) 2:28 Decca 2626a, Decca 25495, [TCTTS], [DD]
DLA1782 An Apple For The Teacher (Monaco-Burke) 3:02 Decca 2640a, Decca 3602a (A-202), Decca 25496, [TCTTS]

6/22/39 Connee Boswell with the Victor Young Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA1783 Soon (Gershwin) 3:04 Decca 2879a (A-97), [TCTTS]
DLA1784-A They Can't Take That Away From Me (Gershwin) 3:03 Decca 2879b (A-97) , [H&S], [TCTTS], [R]
DLA1785 At Least You Could Say Hello Decca 2613b
DLA1786-A Stra-Va-Na-Da Decca 2597b; later re-released as Str-Va-N-Da on Decca 3502a (A-171)

6/26/39 Connee Boswell with Harry Sosnik and his Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA1787 Is It Possible? Decca 2596b
DLA1788 Rendezvous Time In Paree Decca 2596a
DLA1789 Oh You Crazy Moon Decca 2613a
DLA1790 The Lamp Is Low Decca 2597a

12/15/39 Bing Crosby and Connee Boswell with John Scott Trotter's Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA1910 Between 18th And 19th On Chestnut Street (Dick Rogers-Will Osborne) 3:01 Decca 2948a, Decca 25496, [TCTTS]

1/19/40 Connee Boswell with Victor Young and his Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA1914 Someday You'll Find Your Bluebird (Newman-Gordon) 2:41 Decca 2987b, [TCTTS]
DLA1915 Angel Decca 2987a
DLA1916 On The Isle Of May (Kostelanetz-David, after Tchaikovsky) 2:38 Decca 3004a, [H&S]
DLA1917 Gotta Get Home Decca 3004b

3/21/40 Connee Boswell
67368 Lummir Alla Zingen Decca 3100b
67369 Never Took A Lesson In My Life Decca 3101b
67370 Charming Little Fakir Decca 3100a
67371 My! My! Decca 3101a

6/24/40 Connee Boswell
67889 Blue Lovebird Decca 3277a
67890 Orchids For Remembrance Decca 3277b
67892 I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby Decca 3287a
67891 When It's Sleepy Time Down South Decca 3287b

8/22/40 Connee Boswell with instrumental acc.
68000 Blueberry Hill Decca 3:22 3366a, [M&R]
68001 The Nearness Of You Decca 3366b
68002 Nobody's Sweetheart Decca 3425a, 2:54 [M&R]
68003 Dinah (Akst-Lewis-Young) 3:00 Decca 3425b, [TCTTS]

10/29/40 Connee Boswell
68301 Remember Me Decca 3478b
68302 The Moon Fell In The River Decca 3481a
68304 Somewhere Decca 3481b
68305 Let's Be Buddies Decca 3478a

12/13/40 Connee Boswell, Bing Crosby (v) Mugsy Spanier (c) Max Herman (tpt) Floyd O'brien (tbn) Hank D'amico (cl) Eddie Miller (ts) Jess Stacy (p) Nappy Lamare (g) Bob Haggart (b) Ray Bauduc (d) Los Angeles [TCTTS] SAYS BOB CROSBY'S ORCH.
DLA2271 Tea For Two Decca 3689b, Decca 25406
DLA2272-A Yes Indeed (Oliver) 3:05 Decca 3689a, Decca 25406, [A], [TCTTS], [DD]

1/16/41Connee Boswell with Victor Young and his Orchestra, Los Angeles
DLA2365 Kerry Dance Decca 3615b
DLA2366-A I Hear A Rhapsody (Gasparre-Fragos-Baker) 3:05 Decca 3615a, [H&S]
DLA2367 You Forgot About Me Decca 3631b
DLA2368-A Amapola (Lacalle-Gamse) 3:02 Decca 3631a, [H&S], [DD], [R]

5/27/41 Connee Boswell, Los Angeles
DLA2421 Clock Song Decca 3858b
DLA2422 You Were Meant For Me Decca 3837a
DLA2423 I Went Out Of My Way Decca 3837b
DLA2424 A Gay Ranchero Decca 3858a

5/29/41 Connee Boswell with John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra, radio broadcast
The Things I Love (Barlow-Harris) 3:20 [TCTTS]

6/12/41 Bing Crosby and Connee Boswell with John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra, radio broadcast
Everything Happens To Me (Dennis-Adair) 3:07 [TCTTS]
6/12/41 Connee Boswell with John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra
Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane (Trad.) 2:09 [TCTTS]
I Went Out Of My Way (Bliss) 2:45 [TCTTS]

6/28/41 Connee Boswell With Victor Young And His Orchestra
DLA2482 Nighty Night Decca 3893a
DLA2483 Sand In My Shoes (Schertzinger, Loesser) 3:14, Decca 3893b, [IY], [H&S], [DD], [R]
DLA2484 Gee But I Hate To Go Home Alone Decca 4046b
DLA2485 I'll Keep On Loving You Decca 3959b
DLA2486-A Sweethearts Or Strangers Decca 3959a

7/8/41 Connee Boswell with Victor Young and his Orchestra
DLA2511 Look For The Silver Lining (Kern-DeSylva) 2:53 Decca 18384, Decca 25055, [TCTTS], [DD]
DLA2512 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Kern-Harbach) 3:08 Decca 18384, Decca 25055, [TCTTS]
DLA2513 Mighty Lak A Rose Decca 18423
DLA2514-A Stormy Weather (Arlen-Koehler) 3:12 Decca 4046a, [H&S], [R]

1/22/42 Connee Boswell
70202 A String Of Pearls Decca 4163a
70203 My Silent Love Decca 4163b

2/42 Connee Boswell with orchestra directed by Leith Stevens for the soundtrack to the film Syncopation
Under a Falling Star (Stevens-Hall) 2:44 [TCTTS]

3/4/42 Connee Boswell with Harry Sosnik and his Orchestra
70439 Music! Music! (Nursie! Nursie!) Decca 4279b
70440 When The Roses Bloom Again (Kent-Burton) 3:16 Decca 4279a, [TCTTS]
70441-A One Dozen Roses (Jurgens-Donovan-Lewis-Washburn) 2:50 Decca 4280b, [H&S], [TCTTS], [DD], [R]
70442 On The Street Of Regret Decca 4280a

3/24/42 Connee Boswell
70574 Sweet Eloise Decca 4311b 3:12 [M&R]
70575 Johnny Doughboy Found A Rose In Ireland Decca 4311a

6/12/42 Connee Boswell
70874 Wonder When My Baby's Coming Home Decca 18413
70875 He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings Decca 18423
70876 South Wind Decca 18413

7/29/42 Connee Boswell
71247 Why Don't You Fall In Love With Me? ((Wayne-Lewis) 2:47 Decca 18483, [TCTTS]
71248 Moonlight Mood Decca 18509
71249 Just A Letter From Home (N. & C. Kenny-Tobias) 3:12 Decca 18483 [TCTTS]
71250 Savin' All I Can For Uncle Sam Decca 18509

8/30/42 Bing Crosby and Connee Boswell with Frank Black and the NBC Orchestra, radio
Basin Street Blues (Williams) 3:06

4/23/45 Connee Boswell with the Satisfiers
73843-A Who'll Lend Me A Rainbow Decca 18689
72844 When I Come Back Crying Coral 60040

4/2/45 Connee Boswell with the Paulette Sisters
72847 There Must Be A Way Decca 18689
72848 You Can't Say I Didn't Try Coral 60040

7/2/45 Connee Boswell and her V-Disc Playfellows
Goodnight Sweetheart V-Disc 506 (Army) , 266 (Navy)
Shine On Harvest Moon V-Disc 506 (Army), 266 (Navy)
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans V-Disc 555
If I Had My Way (unissued V-Disc)
Bell Bottom Trousers (with the Paulette Sisters) V-Disc 762

10/15/45 Connee Boswell with Vic Schoen & His Orchestra
73083-A But I Did Decca 18727
73084-A Something Sentimental Decca 18727

11/24/45 Connee Boswell with Russ Morgan and his Orchestra
73157-AA Walkin' With My Honey Decca 18741
73158-AA Let It Snow Decca 18741

12/10/45 Connee Boswell & The Paulette Sisters with Orchestra dir. by Bob Haggart
73230 I Fall In Love With You Every Day Decca 18793
73231 I'm In Love With Two Sweethearts (unissued: remade 1/4/46)

1/4/46 Connee Boswell & The Paulette Sisters with Orchestra dir. by Camarata
73268 I'm In Love With Two Sweethearts Decca 18793
73269 I Fall In Love With You Every Day (unissued: see 12/10/45)

3/6/46 Connee Boswell with Bob Haggart and His Orchestra
73426 Sweetheart (unissued)
73427 If A Had A Wishing Ring Decca 18842

3/18/46 Connee Boswell with instrumental acc. dir. by Bob Haggart
73451 Sweetheart (Johnson-Davis) 2:46, [TCTTS]
acc. by the Paulette Sisters with instrumental acc. dir. by Bob Haggart:
73452 Who Told You That Lie? (Walker-Segal-Cantor) 2:58

8/15/46 Connee Boswell with Bob Haggart Orchestra
73665 Ole Buttermilk Sky 2:51 Decca 18913A [M&R]
73664 Love Doesn't Grow On Trees Decca 18913B

10/17/46 Connee Boswell with Bob Crosby and his Bobcats
73727 Zip A Dee Doo Dah Decca 23748
73733 Too Many Times Decca 23748

2/??/47 Connee Boswell with orchestra dir by Jerry Jerome
Chi-baba Apollo 1064
There's That Lonesome Feeling Again Apollo 1064
Passing By Apollo 1066
After You Get What You Want Apollo 1066

12/19/51 Connee Boswell with Sy Oliver & His Orchestra
82005 Somebody Stole My Gal Decca 28036
82006 I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome Decca 28036
82007 Begin The Beguine Decca 27945
82008 Believe It, Beloved Decca 27945

8/1/52 Connee Boswell with Artie Shaw and his Gramercy Five: Artie Shaw, cl; Bob Kitsis, p; George Barnes, g; Trigger Alpert, b; Buddy Schutz, d., New York
83203-A Where There's Smoke There's Fire (Symes-Neiburg-Levinson) Decca 28377
83204-A My Little Nest Of Heavenly Blue Decca 28377

11/3/52 Connee Boswell with the Lawson-Haggart Band
83599 It Made You Happy When You Made Me Cry Decca 28498
83600-A Singin' The Blues Decca 28498

2/13/53 Connee Boswell (with unid. acc)
83949 With One Red Rose Decca 28626
83950 Main Street On Saturday Night Decca 28626

3/21/53 Connee Boswell (with unid. acc.)
84209 You Need Some Lovin' Decca 28832
84210 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter Decca 28832

3/31/53 Connee Boswell (with unid. acc.)
84259 Baby Won't You Please Come Home Decca DL5445
84260 Someday Sweetheart Decca DL5445
84251 The Right Kind Of Man Decca DL5445
84252 The Heebie Jeebie Blues Decca DL5445

About 1953 Connee Boswell, possible radio broadcasts
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (Ahlert/Young) [TOAO]
I Don't Mind (Boswell) [TOAO]
This Can't Be Love (Rogers-Hart) [TOAO]
Singin' the Blues (Fields-McHugh) [TOAO]
Climb The Highest Mountain (Duddy-Freeman) [TOAO]
Tennessee Waltz (King) [TOAO]
How Deep Is The Ocean? (Berlin) [TOAO]
Berlin Medley: All By Myself/Always/All Alone (Berlin) [TOAO]
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home? (Warfield-Williams) [TOAO]

1/28/54 Connee Boswell
85794 Call Me Darling Decca 29051
85795 Philadelphia Waltz Decca 29051
85796 If I Give My Heart To You Decca 29148
85797 T-E-N-N-E-S-S-E-E Decca 29148

1/7/55 Connee Boswell acc by the Jack Pleis Orchestra with chorus-1
87262 Learn To Pray Ev'ryday Decca 29477
87263 Our Lady Of The Highway Decca 29477
87264 How Important Can It Be Decca 29412
87265 Fill My Heart With Happiness Decca 29412

6/23/55 Connee Boswell with Johnny Michaels (no other details)
88271 No Other One Decca 29721
88272 I Compare You Decca 29721
88273 Mind If I Tag Along Decca 29612
88274 Don't Believe Everyone's Your Friend Decca 29612

4/5/56 Connee Boswell with Sy Oliver & His Orchestra
89718 Lullaby In Rhythm Decca DL8356
89719 Honey Decca DL8356
89720 If I Had You Decca DL8356
89721 Star Dust Decca 29944
89722 My Melancholy Baby Decca DL8356
89723 This Can't Be Love Decca 29944

4/6/56 Connee Boswell with Sy Oliver & His Orchestra
89724 Exactly Like You Decca DL8356
89725 Ain't Misbehavin' Decca DL8356
89726 You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me Decca DL8356
89727 I'd Climb The Highest Mountain Decca DL8356
89728 The Little things In Life Decca DL8356
89729 I Ain't Got Nobody Decca DL8356

Connie Boswell
Everything I've Got (Rogers-Hart) 2:06 [AEWCB]
You're Nearer (Rogers-Hart) 3:08 [AEWCB]
I Could Write A Book (Rogers-Hart) 2:44 [AEWCB]
My Funny Valentine (Rogers-Hart) 2:33 [AEWCB]
I Didn't Know What Time It Was (Rogers-Hart) 2:44 [AEWCB]
My Romance (Rogers-Hart) 2:50 [AEWCB]
The Lady Is A Tramp (Rogers-Hart) 3:32 [AEWCB]
Bewitched (Rogers-Hart) 2:56 [AEWCB]
Where Or When (Rogers-Hart) 4:08 [AEWCB]
There's A Small Hotel (Rogers-Hart) 3:08 [AEWCB]

1957 Connee Boswell (v) James Lytell (ldr, cl) Billy Butterfield (tpt) Milford "Miff" Mole (tbn) Frank Signorelli (p) Eugene Traxloer (b) Anthony Sbarbaro (d)
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street (Austin-McHugh-Mills) 2:40 [ATOM5]
Say It Isn't So (Irving Berlin) 3:22 [ATOM5]
Japanese Sandman (Raymond D. Egan-Richard Whiting) 2:22 [ATOM5]
Make Love To Me (Brunies-Slitzer-Melrose-Pollack-Mares-Ropollo-Norvas-Copeland) 2:56 [ATOM5]
Giannina Mia (Rudolf Friml-Otto Harbach) 2:45 [ATOM5]
All Of Me (Gerald Marks-Seymour Simons) 1:52 [ATOM5]
When The Saints Go Marching In (Traditional) 2:45 [ATOM5]

1957 Connee Boswell (v) Don Elliot (tpt, vbs) Robert Byrne (tbn) David Nadien, Harry Melnikoff, Raoul Poliakin (vln) Alan Shulman (cel) George Duvivier (b) George Wettling (d) Warren Vincent (arr, cond)
Cheek To Cheek (Irving Berlin) 3:16 [AEWCB], [SIB]
White Christmas (Irving Berlin) 3:08 [SIB]
Alexander's Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin) 2:32 [SIB]
There's No Business Like Show Business (Berlin) 4:09 [AEWCB], [SIB]
All By Myself (Irving Berlin) 2:00 [SIB]
How Deep Is The Ocean (Berlin) 2:05 [AEWCB], [SIB]
Blue Skies (Irving Berlin) 3:08 [SIB]
All Alone (Berlin) 3:07 [AEWCB], [SIB]
Always (Berlin) 2:23 [AEWCB], [SIB]
Maybe It's Because I Love You Too Much (Berlin) 3:00 [AEWCB], [SIB]



Various Decca 78s
NB. Decca 3502 combines two older songs, from 1937 and 1939 respectively.

[A] Boswell Sisters, Anthologie, CD, Encyclopedia, EN518

[AEWCB] Connie Boswell, An Evening With Connie Boswell, Pickwick CD, PMTD 16008

[ATOM5] Connee Boswell and the Original Memphis Five in H-Fi, CD, RCA Records, 74321609952

[DD] Connee Boswell, Deep in a Dream, CD, Harlequin Records, B000001XZZ

[H&S] Connie Boswell, Heart & Soul, CD, ASV Living Era, CD AJA 5221

[IY] The Boswell Sisters and featuring Connie Boswell, It's You, CD, Flapper, PAST CD 7087

[M&R] Connie Boswell, Moonlight & Roses, CD, Flare UK 223

[R] Connee Boswell, Rarities, Pegasus PGN CD 308

[SIB] Connee Boswell Sings Irving Berlin, CD, Simitar 5544

[TCTTS] Connie Boswell, They Can't Take These Songs Away From Me, CD, Jasmine Records, JASCD 386

[TOAO] Connee Boswell, The One And Only, CS, Star Line 60144



It's All Yours (1937) (uncredited) as "singer"

Artists & Models (1937) singing

Sunday Night at the Trocadero (1937) as herself

Kiss the Boys Goodbye
(1941) as Polly

Syncopation (1942) as "cafe singer" (Connie Boswell)

Swing Parade of 1946 (1946) as herself

"Toast of the Town" TV guest appearance as herself (episode # 3.33) 30 April 1950

Connee Boswell and Ada Leonard (1952) as herself

"Toast of the Town" TV guest appearance as herself (episode # 10.43) 21 July 1957

Senior Prom (1958) as herself

"Pete Kelly's Blues" (1959) TV series; regular part as Savannah Brown

The Ladies Sing the Blues (1989) as herself


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